McKenna Anderson

McKenna is the Preschool Director as of July 2017.  She has been working in the Early Childhood Education field since graduating from Saint Mary's College in 2007.  She has a BA degree in Sociology with minors in ECE and Business Administration.  McKenna holds a State of Colorado Professional Teaching license in ECE and a Director's Qualification letter.

Del Rose

Del joined the staff at Holy Apostles Preschool in 2001. She is currently serving as the Assistant Preschool Director after many years assisting in the Preschool Office and teaching in several preschool classes.  Del has a BA degree in Early Childhood Education and is certified in Colorado as Preschool Director. 

Paula Cooper

Paula Cooper holds a MA in Education and a BS in Human Development - Early Childhood Education.  Paula is a teacher for four year old classes.  Paula came to Holy Apostles Preschool first as a parent, then as a Substitute Teacher, before joining the staff in 2009. She has many years of experience in the public school system also as a teacher.

Donna Peters

Donna Peters teaches our five year old class. She has been with the preschool since 1984 and has experience teaching all age levels at the preschool. Donna is Director qualified in Colorado and has a BS degree in Child Development and Family Relations. She also has previous experience in working at other locations before joining the Holy Apostles Preschool staff. Donna has been with Holy Apostles Preschool for over 30 years as a teacher.

Denise Uram

Denise Uram teaches a three year old class on Tuesday and Thursdays and a 3 1/2 -4 1/2 year old class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.   She has a BA in Sociology and has completed additional Early Childhood Education classes.  She is a former parent of the program.  Denise originally joined the program in 1999 as Office Assistant and returned to the program in 2009 to work in the classroom.

Ali Haselhorst

Ali Haselhorst works in the 3 1/3-4 1/2 year old classroom on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.  She is a former and current parent of a preschooler in our program.  She has a Bachelors in special education and many years of experience working with children.

Kristi McGarry

Kristi joined the preschool staff in 2016 after completing teaching requirements which include Early Childhood Education classes.  She is working with a four year old class.  She is a former and current parent of the preschool.  Kristi has a great deal of volunteer experience working with young children in the public schools and in other organizations.

Laurie Schink

Laurie Schink works with a three year old class on Tuesday and Thursday after rejoining the staff in 2016.  Laurie holds an Associates degree in Child Development.  She has many years of experience here at Holy Apostles and at other preschools teaching young children.

Rostia Stoecker

Rostia Stoecker has been part of the preschool staff since 2010 as a substitute and in 2011 began assisting in the afternoon five-year-old class also. Rostia now assists in a morning 5 year old class.  Rostia has many years of teaching experience in early childhood and kindergarten in the public schools and holds a degree in Elementary Education and a MA in Early Childhood Special Education.